Health for me

Can I go to the doctor? What do I need for this?

Medical care in Austria is free of charge. You can go to the doctor and do not have to pay for it. As long as you are a refugee in the basic medical scheme, you will have an “e-card-Ersatzbeleg” (this is a document stating that you are insured in the basic medical scheme but have not yet received an e-card because you are a refugee). Present this document to your doctor. If you are no longer in the basic medical scheme, you will either be working or receiving minimum benefits – in both cases, you will also receive an e-card with which you can go to the doctor.

What doctor can I go to?

If you require medical assistance, please go to the general practitioner first who will determine your further treatment. He can also refer you to a specialist doctor. Please enquire beforehand about surgery times/opening hours. Hospitals and clinics are envisaged for emergencies and for sick people who require treatment as an inpatient. The waiting times there are often longer than at your general practitioner’s surgery.

Should I seek a doctor or go to the outpatients’ department straight away?

The outpatient departments of hospitals are only intended for emergencies and for the weekends. Go to a general practitioner if it is not really urgent.

Does my e-card also apply for my family?

No, the e-card only applies for the holder whose name is printed on it. Every person needs their own e-card; this also applies for your spouse and children.

Is medication also free of charge?

As a registered asylum seeker, you do not have to pay anything for medication prescribed to you by the doctor. Everybody else pays a prescription fee.

Where do I get medication?

At the pharmacy. There is always a pharmacy near to you that has a night service and is also open at the weekends.

My husband, my wife or my child is in hospital. Can I visit them?

Yes. Ask about visiting hours and only visit your relatives during visiting hours. So as not to disturb other patients, a maximum of 2 persons should visit at the same time. In Austria, it is not usual and also not wanted for many visitors to be in the patient’s room at the same time.