Help for me

Where can I go to in an emergency?

There are emergency numbers for the fire brigade, police and paramedics ...

Fire brigade: 122
Police: 133
Paramedics: 144
European emergency number: 112
Emergency doctor: 141
Women’s helpline: 0800 222 555

Whom do I call when I do not speak German?

112 is the European emergency number that can be dialled in an emergency in all 28 countries of the European Union around the clock in order to get assistance from the fire brigade, paramedics or police. You can speak German or English there. The number 112 can be reached directly and free of charge from all telephones (even with a blocked SIM card).

What can I do to ensure that I can help myself and my family in an emergency?

Attend a first-aid course or a child emergency course. You will learn how to help properly in an emergency there. Perhaps you will also meet new people and improve your knowledge of German! A tip: Go to the next Red Cross office and ask whether they need people to help out and assist in their activities.